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Attract and retain the clients you love without giving up family time

Are you a mum working as a social media professional looking to grow your social media management business? Do you want to be able to confidently attract and retain clients you love without feeling burnt out?

If you could do with a confidence boost or need to work on switching your mindset to running your own business, I can help. I will also teach you how to pitch your services to your clients, so you won’t feel the dreaded panic when you sell your services to them

This is just for starters…

I created Mums Making Money to help other mums working in social media management to get that better work-life balance without making the same mistakes I did. This is the right place for you if you want help to

grow your social media management business

know who your target customer is and how to reach them

find the clients you really want to work with

gain confidence to keep finding those ideal clients


understand the power of niching

pitch your services more confidently

create a business that gives you both family flexibility and an income

3 ways to help you grow your social media management business

At Mums Making Money, I offer 3 ways to help you make the successful transition to running your own social media management business.

They are:

A closed Facebook group.

Join Mums Making Money in Social Media Management on Facebook. It’s completely free to join and you will receive my free 7-step Guide to Getting into Social Media Management, full of the things you need to consider when starting out. With direct support from me, as well as being a safe space to ask questions or discuss concerns and problems, this is the only business support group you need.

My 4 ways to finding clients.

Subscribe to my newsletter and get the 4 Ways to Finding Clients direct to your inbox. Providing information on how to find your ideal clients, it will save you time and make it easier to go out and win business. It’s how I started!

My One-to-One Coaching Programme

12-week coaching programme tailored to you and your journey. I work with you to tackle all the business areas where you may need more help and support to grow your social media management business. We will get into detail about finding a niche that works for you and knowing how and where to find the clients you love so you can do this consistently. I will coach you through a typical sales pitch so you are ready, plus you will get tips on maintaining a positive mindset. You will feel confident in yourself and your ability to attract the clients you want to work with.

How can Mums Making Money help me?

Do any of these sound familiar?

You want to grow your social media management business without feeling burnt out.

You need to know where to find your clients.

You lack confidence in yourself and your abilities.

The idea of sales and selling send you into a mad panic.


You are looking for friendly, experienced support on your journey, and lots of it!

Mums Making Money in Social Media Management has been designed to help you grow your new business, find clients and to be more confident in yourself and selling your services.

Who is Mums Making Money in Social Media for?


Quite simply, it is for mums who don’t want to give up their precious family time but still want to build a successful business in social media management and earn good money. 

It’s for mums who want to take control of their lives and to line their own pockets rather than someone else’s. For those mums who want to make their dreams become their reality, with their own social media management business and their own rules! 

My coaching programme and Facebook group are specifically designed for mums who want to build their business in social media management. For those mums who have just started their own freelance social media management business and want to grow it. They are for those who:

Would like to grow their own freelance social media management business.

Don’t feel confident in selling their services.


Need the sales skills and confidence to help them win clients.

Mums Making Money In Social Media Management Facebook group

If you have started your freelance social media management business but have no idea where to start finding your ideal clients, then Mums Making Money in Social Media Management may be just what you need. It is a closed Facebook-based group that is free to join and here to help put you on the path to success.


It is a private and safe space for you to ask questions, seek advice on how find and retain clients, and get professional support from me – an experienced social media management mum. Offering tips and advice to deal with every eventuality, I will also be on hand to answer your questions.

Come and find out what it’s like to be in Mums Making Money in Social Media Management – you’ll be in good company. For those looking for more tailor-made support the One-to-One Coaching Programme is available to take you on a deep dive into building a successful social media management business.


Understand my 4 ways to finding clients 

Mums Making Money in Social Media Management offers the means and support to help you build a successful social media management business. Find out the 4 ways I used to help me find clients by signing up today and make your new social media management business a resounding success.

By subscribing you are on the path to making a success of your new venture. You will also be in good company if you join the closed Facebook group where you will find like-minded mums offering advice and support. 

Through the Mums Making Money in Social Media Management group I can help you get that coveted lifestyle too, so why not join today? 

One-to-One Coaching Programme

The quickest and most effective way to get your social media management business running smoothly and avoid the pitfalls that I made is to join my coaching programme. My 12-week One-to-One Coaching Programme is designed specifically for social media professionals and will help you with:

Getting to know your target customer


How to find your clients

Understanding the power of niching


How to sell with confidence

How to set prices and charge with confidence


How to do your own marketing to attract the right clients


Understanding the different platforms, analytics and other essential tools you’ll need

Goal setting and getting organised


How to onboard clients with ease

The programme runs for 12 weeks and includes 9 live sessions with 3 weeks of accountability that cover all these elements of how to grow a successful social media management business. The final 3 weeks can be used however you would like. We could brainstorm ideas and/or just work on your own marketing message for example.  By the time you complete the programme you will feel more confident in yourself, know exactly where to find new clients, and be ready to pitch to them. You will also start to see how you can make your business work without giving up your family time.

About Louise

coach & mentor

I have lived and breathed sales my entire career. This spanned over 20 years and a variety of sectors, from selling broadband at a small stand in a shopping centre to leading events in the holiday and entertainment industries and working in the property industry. Here I took an estate agency’s Lettings department from £670,000 to £1.1 million in three years! 

After I left my last job I trained as a social media manager and turned my hand to marketing rather than sales. As a mum, I wanted a job that gives me satisfaction not frustration and allows me to enjoy time with my family. Working in social media management has given me exactly that. 

So I decided to help other mums do the same. 

Over my career I have built up skills and knowledge to run my own business, and my unique selling point is that I care about helping people on their journey and want them to succeed. I’m honest, friendly and approachable and extremely enthusiastic about helping people be just as successful. 

I created Mums Making Money in Social Media Management to help mums grow a successful social media management business. Together we will build and grow your new business and you can create the life you choose with the business you want on your terms with your rules.

And before you know it, you will have done it! And nothing will make me happier than to see you succeed.

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